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Programs and Services



Information and Referral Line

Calls for information are handled by office staff during business hours (Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm). Our phone numbers are 770-333-5930 or 1-800-4LFA. Individuals who call after business hours may leave a message.


Callers requesting information will be sent a basic packet of lupus information and any available resources specific to their request. All inquiries are handled in a timely manner, usually within 24 hours.


Lupus Now State of the Art Approaches from the Experts, Patient education program, Woodruff Arts Center
Just announced, Aspreva Pharmaceuticals will fund a patient program with national experts on lupus from 1:00 - 400 pm at the Woodruff Arts Center, Saturday May 5th, free admission to all lupus patients, families and health care providers.

Advocacy Committee

A new and vitally important chapter advocacy program led by new chapter volunteer and board member Joseph Collins and volunteer advocates. Focusing on educating our government officials about lupus, the impact on so many families and to campaign for resources dedicated to lead our fight against this disease.


To sign up to be an advocate, go to our Contact Us section and check the advocacy box! This exciting, dynamic group is growing in numbers and momentum!


Volunteer advocates are encouraged to attend the National Advocacy Day in Washington, DC on March 1st.


Lupus Literature

Patients and families receive a broad range of brochures and educational materials on lupus along with highlights of organization activities, events, and resources.


Support Group Services

The Georgia chapter sponsors a number of lupus support groups in a variety of locations throughout Georgia. These groups provide participants with an opportunity to receive introduction information about lupus; encourage the expression of concerns; provide an opportunity to share experiences; encourage and support positive coping strategies; and emphasize the importance of medical treatment.  If you would like to form a support group in your area, please contact us at:  info@lfaga.org