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With Your Help

  • We serve 3,000 patients and families statewide.


  • More than 250 people attend one of our 23 support groups across the state.


  • Our chapter website received over 25,000 visitors annually.


  • 3,600 receive our quarterly newsletter.


  • 2000 information and referral calls answered annually with educational materials mailed.


  • Over 2,500 lupus brochures and fact sheets are distributed at over 25 health fairs throughout the community.


About Us

The Lupus Foundation of America, Georgia Chapter is a 501(c) non-profit voluntary health organization working on behalf of the 55,000+ Georgians with Lupus.



Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of lupus, support individuals and families affected by the disease, increase awareness of lupus among health professionals and the public and find the causes and cure.


Introducing The New Georgia Chapter President and CEO


Maria Myler

I am honored to join the Georgia Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America.  I am overwhelmed at the enormity of lupus, and the often severe, life long and life threatening effects on women, men, and children.  On my third day with the chapter in August, I met Tomica Gillís family and learned of her courage and her gift to our chapter.


Lupus affects over 55,000 Georgians and 1.5 million Americans and yet despite its prevalence, remains one of the least recognizable and most misunderstood diseases in both medical and lay communities.  While most cases develop among women in their crucial childbearing years, ages 15 to 40, children, men and women of all ages can suffer, devastating many families. Awareness of lupus is lowest among women aged 18-24, those most at risk. Women with lupus have a five-to-ten fold increased risk of cardiovascular disease.  More than one in five patients are permanently disabled and unable to work and most shocking, is that it has been 40 years since the approval of a new drug to treat lupus.


The Georgia chapter serves thousands of patients each year with information, referrals, literature, educational seminars and support groups. Over 25,000 visit our website annually. As lupus continues to rise, we must work harder to continue to support all those who need our programs. I am privileged to join our Chapter Board leadership, the hundreds of volunteers statewide and the exciting national advocacy and research efforts, all working together to change the future for lupus patients.


We are pleased to present new and exciting opportunities to raise awareness and funds.  Our inaugural city wide Walk for Lupus Now on April 21st, at the lovely Piedmont Park, will be a wonderful fun-filled event for family and friends to raise funds for all those touched by lupus. 


We are also honored to partner with the ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon, where you can run in either race on Saturday March 21st and raise funds for our mission.


Please view our website for more information on our chapterís programs and events. 90% of every dollar raised stays here in Georgia.


Thank you for your support of the chapter. Together, we can continue to improve the diagnosis and treatment of our patients, educate the public and health professionals and support efforts to find the causes and cure.



Maria Myler