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Run for some one you know with Lupus!




And run in our exclusive

4 mile run at the ING Marathon


 Sunday - March 25, 2007


The Georgia Chapter is honored to partner with the Inaugural ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon. Runners on Team Lupus can choose to run only a 4 mile race and join our team celebration party at the 4 mile water station, hosted by our chapter volunteers and sponsors.

We've made it simple for you to raise funds quickly and easily!

Join Team Lupus and receive a $15.00 - $20 discount off the ING marathon or half marathon entrance registration fee and receive your cool Team Lupus running shirt.

Follow these simple steps to join Team Lupus and to start raising funds for all those living with lupus.


Step 1 - Sign Up!

Sign up now and qualify to receive your Team Lupus registration discount in addition to receiving your cool Team Lupus running shirt -  CLICK HERE to sign up with FirstGiving and provide us your running shirt size.  You pay your registration fee to ING and pledge to raise funds for those you know with Lupus.


Step 2 - Register with ING 

Register for the ING Marathon, Half Marathon or 4 Mile Run! 


Team Lupus has already been created and Team Lupus members should register at:

  1. Go to our Registration Page at www.inggeorgiamarathon.com/site3.aspx and click on the “Register Online/Go!” button

  2. Click on the yellow button labeled “Register Now!”

  3. Select the category that applies to you (Marathon, Half Marathon) agree to the waivers and push continue

  4. Once in the registration form you can join “Team Lupus” from the pull down bar at the top of the registration form.

  5. Continue registering by filling out the rest of your registration form.

    1. Team Username:  lupusga

    2. Team Promo Discount Codes – be sure to use all CAPS when imputing information!

      1. INGGALFA06 – Marathon $95.00 - $15.00 discount = $80.00

      2. INGGAHALFLFA06 – Half Marathon $75.00 - $20 Lupus discount = $55.00

      3. 4 Mile Team Lupus Exclusive Run – Register for the Half Marathon discount = $55.00

  6. Press continue, enter in your payment information and press submit.

  7. Upon registering an email will be sent to you confirming your registration was successful – keep this for your records!

If you are having difficulty please feel free to contact Active’s customer support at 877-228-4881 or support@active.com.


Step 3 - Create Your Own Fundraising Page

Create and personalize your own web page at the Georgia chapter online registration site, FirstGiving.

Use our Sample Letter to send emails to your friends and family asking for their support of your efforts and commitment. People will give because you ask, share how lupus has touched your family personally.

ING receives your entire registration fee. We encourage ALL Team Lupus runners to set a personal goal and raise much needed funds for all those living with Lupus. We have great prizes and incentives for the Team.

  • $150 Official Team Lupus T-shirt

  • $500 Team Lupus Sweatshirt*

  • $1,000 Team Lupus Fleece Jacket*

  • $2,000 Running Shoes*

* Also receives official Team T-shirt

For great tips on recruiting, how to raise funds and how to reach and beat your goal…CLICK HERE.


Step 4 - Join Our Training Program with Team Spirit!

The Georgia chapter is very proud to partner with the Team Spirit training program to help you stay motivated and prepared for the race. Team Spirit has weekly group runs, beginner and intermediate training schedules and 18 great coaches to advise and encourage you.  We want you to be successful and safe in your efforts for Lupus, especially if this is your first Marathon or you haven’t run a great deal lately.


For further questions about Team Spirit visit www.teamspiritrunners.org or call 404-355-5833.



Thank You for joining our winning Team! March 27th will be a great day for you, your supporters, all lupus patients and the Georgia Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America. Georgia Chapter board and medical advisory board members and volunteers will be there to cheer you on!!!